29 Dec 2017

Tracks are closed for the weekend

Tracks will be closed this weekend!

13 Dec 2017

2nd Annual Jessy Nelson MX School!!

Jessy Nelson Road 2 Recovery this Saturday, December 16th!  The Raceway WILL BE CLOSED to the public!!  To register for lessons at the event go to https://r2r.regfox.com/jessy-mx-2017 [mapsmarker marker=”1″]

22 Oct 2017
13 Oct 2017

We will be closed Sunday 10/15 for the Transworld Race

All tracks are closed for the race on Sunday. Tracks will be open for practice Saturday 10/14.

10 Oct 2017

Check out our new Live Stream

You can now watch Pala Raceway live on our website http://raceway.palatribe.com/live

21 Jul 2017

Transworld Race Sunday July 23rd closed to regular practice.

We are open today and tomorrow for regular practice. SUNDAY the Transworld race is on the Main and The Vet tracks. THE AMATEUR AND KIDS TRACKS WILL BE CLOSED. For race info go to @twmxraceseries or twmxrs.com

01 Jul 2017

July 1st round 2 of Summer Racing League. 

This race is on the Amateur track in the afternoon. All tracks are open.

29 Jun 2017
17 Feb 2017
07 Feb 2017